RothKo 76,226,21

RothKo 76,226,21

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some images of Wan Laryukov's Opening at Artemis

The opening of Wan Laryukov was a great success with more than 80 avies attending it. Besides the the multimedia installation by the Portuguese artist, people enjoyed the show by the musician and composer Ultraviolet Alter, who was inpired by Wan's poem to create the music specially for this event.

Video by Gregory Kappler

Video by Dahir Saphire

Wan Laryukov is the newest artist to show her works at Galeria Artemis. Below we have reproduced a small interview where Wan talks about her RL and Sl work. 

Artemis: Do you work as an artista in RL?

Wan: Yes, I have made around 40 shows in RL, mentioned in several books. 

Artemis: What kind of media do you use in RL?

Wan: Oil painting, sculptures and I also write poems and poetic prose. 

Artemis: Do you have a background as artist?

Wan: I studied Fine Arts.

Artemis: The installation you present at Artemis mixes several media, Have you done this kind of work in RL too? 

Wan: Only music and painting, sometimes poetry.

Artemis: Do you think that SL makes easier this mixing of media?

Wan: Yes, there is no doubt about it and we reach a wider public.

Artemis: When did you start to develop a work as artist in RL and SL?

Wan: In RL I started at a very early age to draw and then write. In SL I have been working with art since 2007. More recently, I have been creating installations.

Artemis: Did you use another media at your earlier works?

Wan: Sculpture. Some of them are in Artemis. 

Artemis: The painting you present at Artemis is a RL work of yours?

Wan: Yes, I won a prize with it by the Radio Marconi. The jury was composed by teachers at the Fine Arts School. The painting was sold afterwards. 

Artemis: Why have you choosen that poem in particular?

Wan: In fact, I have chosen it among the many poems I have, although sometimes I write them on the spot and later the idea for the installation comes up. I rely heavily on my subconscious. 

Artemis: Would you like to say something about your work at Artemis?

Wan: I would like to thank Duna for giving me this opportunity of doing something and showing who I am.

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