RothKo 76,226,21

RothKo 76,226,21

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Two Italian artists explore the theme of night

At the new exhbition at Artemis, two Italian artists work together for the first time exploring the theme of night. Below you can see some photos of the show and the description of their works by the artists themselves.

Photos by Duna Gant 

Giovanna Cerise 
The event horizon 

The events and history are into the cone of light. And then the cone of shadow hides everything and there are no more events.  Everything ceases, when the event horizon appears .
The night becomes the moment in which you can create an event horizon. Everything seems so different. In it superfluous disappears and only the essentials appears. What the light hides emerges and the particular becomes light in the night.

Kicca Igaly
 The Night

The night ... mysterious ... protective ... disturbing ... accomplice ...
I see the night as a moment that reveals how we really are.
Each of us reacts in its own way to the ghosts that haunt him, or the
lack of them. Those who see in the night a quiet moment to meditate and
think, while others fear the arrival because it returned with the
torment of memories.
There is a man lying on the bench ... a homeless man, gray like the
bench on which he sleeps, because his shy nature leads him to become
invisible to the eyes of passers-by, he and the bench seem to be made of
the same material. Him like the others has its own ghost with which to
contend, between wakefulness and sleep.
There is the man of the lamp post ... waiting for someone? It's a kind
light-hearted, almost cocky, but maybe its just an attitude, as for
wanting to exorcise the ghost that looms behind him, him carries inside.
And there are those who have given up the fight for life, almost like a
self-punishment (or liberation), for not being able to face the
difficulties. Him remains a mere shadow of its existence and the cry of
anger of his failure remain written on the wall.
And meanwhile the water flows............

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