RothKo 76,226,21

RothKo 76,226,21

Friday, December 13, 2013

Using beauty to say NO to injustice

I've seen a street with very poor people, the narration of a massacre, an underground station with its beggars, a whole sim with a Shakespeare drama, all installations of Nino Vichan. Now a drone in Galerie Artemis. They seem, described like this, to have no connection between them. But they have. Nino, in addition of knowing know how to work with all the resources offered by SL is a man who, with his creations, shouts before a society that seems impassive to their miseries: poverty, violence, injustice, power, greed.

Each artist uses art in a different way. But his art reaches deep inside the spectator, even those with little sensitivity.

I am never objective with the artists who exhibited at Artemis, and I know, and it is simply because if they are there is because their work touches me personally. Little more I can say. Only that to plunge into the world of Nino Vichan is fascinating because he knows how to use beauty to say NO to what everybody should refuse.

I would like to thank  you for wanting to share its opening night with Ultraviolet Alter, someone who reveals his sensitivity over and over again in her concerts.

Two sensitive artists united in a single night. Extraordinary, don't you think? Again, thank you both.

Dune Gant

W A R at Artemis by Holala Alter

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