RothKo 76,226,21

RothKo 76,226,21

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Regaining Freedom

Each year, 2Lei works in SL to denounce violence against women. The month of November is dedicated to events in which several sims and galleries participate in very different ways.
This year Galerie Artemis also going to be part of it with the exhibition Regaining Freedom. 

Kicca Igaly has contributed to this exhibition, making an installation/sculpture in which she speaks about the topic proposed for this year, "Freedom". Freedom lost by battered women. 

To all the machinima makers who have presented their works in this show we have asked them to think visually about this serious issue in our society. And they have done so. We hope that this exhibition shows once again that art also serves to denounce.

Below we reproduce Kicca's words for this exibition.

Libera... finally libera!
Di decidere di non subire più la sopraffazione di un uomo violento...
Di decidere e gestire la propria vita...
E per mano a suo figlio, abbandona quella casa-prigione, lasciando un uomo sconfitto, che lancia un ultimo gesto di vano richiamo.

Free ... free at last!
Deciding not to suffer more  the oppression of a violent man ...
Deciding and manage his own life ...
And holding the hand of her son, leave the house-prison,  leaving a defeated man,
that launches a last gesture compartment of recall.

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