RothKo 76,226,21

RothKo 76,226,21

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inauguración de la muestra "Women"

La noche del 6 de Septiembre marcó un hito en la trayectoria de Galerie Artemis ya que, por primera vez, logramos reunir cinco brillantes y creativas artistas en una muestra al mismo tiempo heterogénea pero armónica.
A continuación, un video con secuencias de la inauguración de la muestra, producido y dirigido por otra talentosa mujer: Yesikita Coppola.

To gather five women who have found their own place in SL for a collective exhibition could seem like an easy task at first glance. But if those five women must also be exceptional creators, the task becomes less obvious. Adding the fact that all five come from different countries and cultures, speak different languages, live in different time zones and that the exhibition is supposed to become harmonious you can imagine the really hard work it represented.

I began working on the show WOMEN in may this year. To find these artists and bring them together in one show has been an exercise in consistancy and imagination. Each artist with her works and interests has done her contribution to its success.

Aneli is french, has her own gallery, and creates colourfull works overflowing with live and elegance.

Antrozous is american, also a gallery-owner, and she presents real life photographs in which she denounces a reality she doesn't like.

Kicca, from Italy, has developped a pure and sensual technique for pieces that mix light colours and subtle mouvements.

Phraus, from Spain, is a great teacher and builder, who has finally decided to bring out of her inventory those "tortured" prims with their amazing shapes.

Ruska is catalan, the youngest artist in the show and she presents - a first for our gallery - an installation in which she denounces a social injustice.

Everybody who is able to see beyond what the eye can catch at a first glance will not only discover great works of art in this exhibition, but also the artists behind those works. Beside being works of art, those pieces are mirrors of their creators. The interests and the dreams of five women from all around the world are what you can find in our show. Everybody who is touched by beauty, well done work and the denunciation of social injustices is invited to visit the exhibition that presents every aspect of what art can give us.

Duna Gant

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